Welcome to Molly’s world. On the blog, you’ll find posts made by the author, Lee Hutch, and also some posts by Molly herself. Be warned though, she has a habit of speaking bluntly! .Allow me to give you a bit of an introduction to her.

Molly lives and works at Miss Cecilia’s place, a second tier bordello on the corner of Mulberry and Bayard Streets in the Five Points. It’s a two story, wood frame building that sits on the northwest corner of the intersection. It has a balcony on the second floor where, in good weather, you will occasionally see some of the working girls sitting outside enjoying a game of cards or reading. Should you be a sporting man and wish to venture inside, the first thing you notice when you get in the door are the two large Irish plug uglies standing by the stairs. Pay them no mind. They won’t bother you unless you act the fool. Miss Cecilia herself will greet you and usher you into the parlor where you can have a drink and a cigar, compliments of the house. The parlor looks oddly out of place in such a non-descript building. There’s sofas and a few chairs lined with red velvet. Fancy oil paintings decorate the walls. A man plays a Bach melody on a fine piano. And look! There’s Molly standing with her hand upon the shoulder of the piano player. She smiles at you as you enter the room. But take care, my friend, for though there may be a song in her heart, there is also a knife tucked into her boot!

Published by Lee Hutch

Former firefighter arson investigator turned mild mannered history professor. I have a BA and an MA in History and an MS in Criminal Justice. My focus is on military/social history and the history of boxing. Author of So Others May Live and Molly's Song.

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